How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in 5 Easy Steps

It’s here! It’s time to bring out garlands, wreaths, presents, and trees for the most wonderful time of the year!

Setting up and decorating our tree is my absolute favorite part of preparing for the holiday season. My husband loves the classic, fun, look of a tree with colored lights and a mix of ornaments that have been gifted or made over the years. As much as I love a colorful, sentimental tree, the perfectionist in me prefers the look of an elegant, themed tree. 

When planning out our tree while winding up and down the aisles of Hobby Lobby, repeatedly, my ideas were going in all different directions. Do I want to use the classic red and green colors, a blush pink, all silver, all gold? Too many options – which is a good problem to have! I finally decided on burgundy and champagne for the look of our tree. I ended up grabbing two packs of the simple, round ornaments, one in each color.  

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Once our color scheme was set with the ornaments, I began to choose the other decor elements. I typically use ribbon and a few floral stems to give the tree more dimension. I also pick out a few uniquely shaped ornaments that are the same colors as my theme, such as snowflakes or larger, detailed ornaments. After spending way to much time carefully searching and choosing, I purchased glitter champagne wired ribbon, burgundy wired ribbon, burgundy berry stems, gold leafy floral, thin gold spiral stems, large and small snowflake ornaments, icicle ornaments, some glitter ornaments, a tree skirt, and to top it off a glitter star tree topper. Phew – that’s a whole lot of Christmas in way too many Hobby Lobby bags! 

Now let’s decorate our tree!

1. Lights
Once the tree is set up, it’s time to brighten things up with the lights. We love to add twinkling lights to give our living room some extra sparkle. We typically use three strands of twinkling white lights and 4 strands of regular white lights. To turn the tree lights on and off, we use a combination extension cord/foot switch. It allows us to keep the lights plugged in and a quick tap of the foot on the button turns the lights on and off easily.

Christmas Tree Lights

2. Ribbon
Next, I add the ribbon. When putting the ribbon on, I start at the top and wrap it around the tree in a gradual downward fashion. The wire in the ribbon is very helpful to shape the ribbon so it appears flowy as it runs throughout the tree. When using two colors, I always alternate the two going down the tree.

3. Floral
After the ribbon is in place, it’s time for the floral and gold swirls! For this tree’s theme, I have about 20 of the berry stems, 20 of the gold leaf floral, and one package of swirls (contains about 50 stems). I place the elements throughout the tree so each is spread evenly. I have found that the floral with longer stems are easy to place sturdily in the tree. 

4. Ornaments
Now, it’s time for ornaments! I placed them around the tree to have an even mixture of colors, textures, and uniquely-styled ornaments throughout.

5. Topper & Skirt
For the finishing touches, add your tree topper and tree skirt!

And here is the finished product! I love how it turned out!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Everything on my tree is from Hobby Lobby. You can’t beat their prices when all things Christmas are 50% off! Happy decorating! 

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