Elevate your Kitchen Decor with Risers

A kitchen can be one of the busiest rooms in your house: cooking, socializing, and often a central hub for family’s everyday essentials. So, for those with smaller kitchens like us, decorating kitchen surfaces isn’t the most practical way to go. We have some year round wall art, but that’s about it. I wanted some way to incorporate seasonal items in the kitchen, but how?!

I’ve had my eye on the popular tiered trays for a while, and I wanted to mimic some of the great seasonal decor inspiration that I’ve seen online. As I searched for the perfect tiered tray, I noticed they were all too wide or too tall for our kitchen counter space. I could hear my husband saying, “Honey, WHY is this necessary? This takes up too much room.” He would be right!

I was about to give up on finding the perfect counter space decor. Thankfully, during a Home Goods run, I stumbled upon a set of two wooden risers. PERFECT! These are such a great alternative to a tiered tray if your short on space. The ones I purchased have a diameter of about 9 inches, so they won’t take up too much room. I decided that one would be used for decor, the other for dish and hand soap.

Since it’s spring, adding a small eucalyptus plant to each riser was the perfect touch. On the decor riser, I also added a spring Rae Dunn candle. The other riser holds our hand soap and dish soap (in a cute dispenser of course). In the future, I can see myself using other candles, small wood signs or letters, florals, or a reed diffuser to change up items with the seasons.

I LOVE the look of these risers in our kitchen and how they provide a sophisticated, but functional space for seasonal decor and everyday items. My husband who cooks even approves, so it’s a win for everyone! I definitely plan to find more risers to use as centerpieces, on shelves, or as a focal point on other surfaces throughout our home.

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I hope this post gives you some inspiration to use risers or tiered trays in your kitchen and home. Who knew that adding a designated surface or two to a space could create so many possibilities for interchangeable decor?! Happy decorating!